infestation of bed bugs

How to deal with a bed bug infestation

Bedbugs are common throughout the world, with the UK being no exception. These bloodsuckers tend to cause quite a bit of misery to their primarily human hosts, often escaping immediate notice. Understanding how to recognise this pest and rid the environment of them, will make it a quick process for once again, living in peace.

Recognising bedbugs

Bedbugs are minute and typically measure under 5 mm, which is one reason they are not easily detected. People will often only realise that there is a problem once they notice bite marks or feel a crawling sensation on their skins. Once these symptoms are noted, they can do an inspection and will probably notice small, moving bugs that are reddish in colour.

Once identified, it is important to take immediate action as these pests are hardy, can survive months without food (blood). Bedbugs are not necessarily prolific breeders, but because they go unnoticed, usually have lots of time to build populations during a lifetime spanning anything from 6 to 12 months.

How do living and working spaces become infected?

Bedbugs prefer colder environments, so are unlikely to travel on people. This is one consolation that people have. The downside is that these pests do however spread by latching onto clothes and luggage, catching free rides across the world. Neighbours, visiting children and those who travel a lot are often unwitting carriers of bedbugs.

Once transported on items such as shoes, backpacks, and clothing, it is easy to bring these bugs into the home. Commonly, they will land up in bedrooms and offices where they will live in mattresses, carpeting, and any hideaways that they can find. People will often notice bitemarks on waking up of after sitting, sometimes assuming that these marks are due to fleas or other insects.

Getting rid of bedbugs

Attempting bed bug removal yourself can be a lengthy and costly process. Occupants can thoroughly vacuum home and office areas, getting into tight dark spots. Follow up the process with a thorough cleaning of the vacuum cleaner. Placing the contents of the vacuum cleaner into rubbing alcohol will kill the bedbugs.

Wash bedding, clothing, curtains, and cushion covers at high temperatures and place these in a dryer to increase their exposure to heat. Use a steamer throughout the home if you have this equipment. But be prepared for it to not work, as these pests can be a nightmare to completely remove.

Professional help

Although bedbugs can be killed at over 46 degrees Celsius or under 17 degrees Celsius, they are hardy creatures. Also, because they are so tough, they have become largely immune to shop bought pesticides. The quickest most effective way to kill off a bedbug infestation at the home or office is to call on the professionals. Using professionals will mean that you do not have to get rid of good furniture or spend loads of money on ineffective shop-bought chemicals. Using a professional service also means that you can get back to normal life as quickly as possible.

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