How Covid-19 restrictions are affecting pest control

effects of covid-19 on pest control

At the beginning of the pandemic numerous pest control businesses had to close down during lockdown. Disturbingly, pest control was not considered an essential service during lockdown, even with sanitation being such a main concern.

By preventing pest control specialists from working, the issue of pest outbreaks is also currently on the increase.

Because many pest control specialists had not been able to work for many months as a consequence of COVID-19, it’s now a larger job to eliminate pests from the likes of hotels, office buildings and commercial bakeries. With so many commercial properties opening after several months of being left unoccupied, the problem of infestations is bigger and more challenging to confront.

Pest control is vital during COVID-19

With companies closed for many months, pests have had freedom to run. This will be even more likely to occur in premises where consumer products have been kept in storage and unsupervised for much of 2020 due to closings, such as storage houses or kitchen facilities and food preparation zones.

Pests may cause tremendous damage to stock, which in turn could cost companies a huge amount of cash to replace. Many small business owners are now resuming to work and discovering that their buildings are flooded with pests – not only is this a conundrum for a business’ status but it can also be extremely costly and lead to economic consequences that weren’t budgeted for.


As more and more businesses open up after lockdown, there will certainly be an increase in the need of pest management services for their buildings. There are several kinds of pests that appear in urban settings around the world and they are usually haulers of disease, which can pollute food supplies and cause physical harm to businesses and houses.

In fact, the World Health Organization lists more than 30 disease-causing bacteria, microbes and germs which can be spread through rodents or insects alone. What is more, other insects and pests like birds, rats, flies and parasites could pose a health and financial threat, causing a dilemma for industrial plants, medical centers and clinics, schooling premises, housing and many more areas. With the community so afraid of disease and more watchful of poor sanitation now, these dangers need to be kept to a minimum as far as possible if businesses are to continue to function.

Pest professionals have had to change how they work

Much like numerous industries all over the world, pest experts in the field have had to adjust to work in a different way in order to comply with the regulations set out by governments.
For instance, social distancing is now essential in order to keep staff and clients safe. It is more important than ever that sanitary precautionary steps are being taken to reduce the spread of germs and infections too.


From using PPE to help safeguard staff and limit the spread of germs to using better-quality cleaning products that could sterilize more completely, there are different ways in which pest control businesses need to be operated now to stay safe and make a significant contribution towards a safer environment.

Companies have had to make use of online tools for communication to stay in touch with clients, as well as making certain that information about the client are being stored safely and conveniently so that everyone will be able to access them when necessary. That is something that pest professionals have been forced to adopt as well in order to offer their services and keep clients informed of their company.

Pest control could become even more important

Public health is essential at all times, but particularly now, that is why pest control specialists are now being acknowledged as essential workers, especially when dealing with bugs such as Carpet Beetles and Moths. It’s understood that pest control will be even more significant moving forward, especially once restaurants and pubs have begun to open up once again.

Now that companies are highlighting hygiene more, pest control will definitely become a vital problem that needs to be maintained. Pests carry an array diseases, so it’s essential that they are being kept at bay and prohibited from infiltrating buildings, food storage spaces and the essential amenities, so as not to run the risk of a further increase of the infection.

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