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If you have a problem with rats or mice in your property, Sykes Pest Control can resolve it with our rat and mouse removal service.

Rodents are common throughout the UK

Rodents are warm blooded mammals, adaptable, highly mobile and reproduce at an alarming rate. This combination makes rat and mouse control a very difficult task for the untrained individual. Rodents harbour and transmit a number of serious diseases and can also carry parasites such as fleas and ticks causing secondary infestations. All rodents have over sized front teeth for gnawing and cheek teeth for chewing and will chew on a variety of materials causing damage to both domestic and commercial properties. Not only do they cause structural damage but can also cause fires through chewing through electrical cables, floods through puncturing pipes and even death from chewing through gas pipes. The insurance industry has estimated that rodent damage is responsible for a quarter of all electrical fires in buildings.
Here at Sykes Pest Control, our technicians are fully trained in rat control and mouse control. They are fully trained, highly knowledgeable and have access to a range of professional use traps and rodenticides that are not available to the general public.

Helping with Rat Control

There are two species of rats found in the UK, Rattus Norvegicus which is more commonly known as the Brown Rat or Common Rat and the Rattus Rattus, which is more commonly known as the Black Rat or Ship Rat. The latter is now rarely found in the UK.
The Brown Rat often weighs over half a kilo and can measure 23cm in length, excluding the tail and is the larger of the two species. Both species reach sexual maturity at around 3 months of age and each female can produce between 3-12 litters of 6-8 young in just one year. Rats will live in any area that provides food, water and shelter. Within a property they will live in roof spaces, wall cavities and under floor boards. In gardens they will burrow into grassy banks, under patio areas and garden structures and under decking. Once a suitable habitat is found rats very quickly reproduce to take advantage of the new food supply and in no time at all they become a major infestation.

Rats are known to harbour a number of diseases including:-

  • Weil’s disease
  • Salmonella
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cryptosporidiosis
  • E-Coli
  • Foot and Mouth disease

Due to high reproduction and infestation rates it is advisable that a professional pest control company is contacted for all manner of rat control.

Mouse Control

The most common species of mouse that is encountered in both domestic and commercial is the Mus Domesticus, more commonly known as the House Mouse. The House Mouse is between 60-90mm, excluding the tail, and weigh less than 25g. They can vary in colour from light brown to grey. Mice breed very rapidly: a sexually mature female can produce between 5-10 litters of between 6-8 young each year. With a warm nesting site and an ample food source mice can breed all year round. The ability to survive on tiny amounts of food, and the fast breeding rate mean that mouse infestations develop quickly. Mice have a compulsive need to gnaw in order to keep their incisor teeth worn down and electrical cables, water and gas pipes and woodwork may all be seriously damaged by mice. In buildings mice will live anywhere, if you can push a biro (about 7mm) into a gap then a mouse can get in! They will eat anything and have even been known to chew on soap and candles! One mouse will produce around 80 droppings each day. The damage that they create, not only by gnawing but soiling products with their urine and droppings, is tremendous.

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If you need pest control services in Cleckheaton or anywhere in the surrounding 25 mile radius.

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Mobile: 07796 615260

If you need pest control services in Cleckheaton or anywhere in the surrounding 25 mile radius.

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At Sykes Pest Control, we offer quality pest removal services. You can rely on us to remove rats, bees and more. Check our customer reviews below to see what our customers have to say about us.

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Shadwell Tandoori
Shadwell Tandoori
14:29 22 May 20
Excellent service. Came and sorted my squirrel infestation out promptly. Amazing value compared to other quotes I... received. Highly recommendedread more
George Norris
George Norris
14:29 14 May 20
Rang on the Monday morning and came Tuesday morning. Very knowledgable and could see the problem straight away. Dealt... with our problem straight and even came the following week to follow up. Fast, efficient and very effective. Would highly recommend, thanks again!read more
Ali Kilner
Ali Kilner
12:38 11 May 20
Danny was really quick to respond to my enquiry online and able to attend to our bee problem the next day. On arriving... was quick to get straight on with the job at hand helpfully taking away most of the bees and dealing the last remaining stubborn few who didn’t want to leave. Overall a great professional service and if I had another pest problem I’d not hesitate to call on him again. Thanks more
anita pullan
anita pullan
11:40 04 May 20
Sykes Pest Control have done a great job to get rid of the squirrels in our loft.After many nights of not getting much... sleep due to banging noises in our loft,Danny came to rescue. He’s punctual, very professional and gives the right advice on what needs to be done.Not only has he got rid of the squirrels and saved us lots of damage being done to the loft, he has also fixed the hole they were using to get in. His work is great and too of a very high standard. Would definitely recommend him .Thank you so much Danny!read more
Naomi Delashley
Naomi Delashley
17:51 29 Apr 20
Rang up over a week ago as I had rats in my shed and around it danny came out that same day and treated the issue was... so happy with the service and how friendly Danny is... came back to check I wouldn’t come across any dead as I’ve been a frantic mess especially with having kiddies and just generally gone above and beyond! Highly recommend and will use again if I ever need to thank you 🙂read more
20:16 27 Jan 20
Great service by Danny. Very Competitive price and great professionalism throughout.Thank you for your help
Gotyasize Fighting Fit
Gotyasize Fighting Fit
22:08 07 Jan 20
This man is brave 👏🏻👍🏽Fast response, great service all round. Danny came to my house, identified rat... problem and put poison down. Came back a week later to block all the entrances and routes for rats. Very professional and well experienced. Strongly recommend using Danny for any pest more
amir mushtaq
amir mushtaq
16:12 10 Dec 19
Fantastic guy. Found a rat in my house. Danny came round found where the rat got in placed some rat poison. Haven't... seen the rat since. He came back 14 days later to seal entry point for rat. Lovely guy. Knows what he's talking about and has 26 years experience. Would highly more
Keith Naylor
Keith Naylor
08:27 02 Oct 19
Fast effective treatment of wasps nest at very reasonable price. Would highly recommend Sykes Pest Control.Don't... struggle like I did for days trying to do the job yourself. Call Danny at Sykes Pest Control for fast expert treatment and quick peace of more
Sykes Pest control
Sykes Pest control
15:50 14 Jun 17
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