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Pest Control Services in Leeds

Sykes Pest Control are a local experienced Leeds pest contractor and offer trusted and reliable pest control in Leeds, we aim to ensure all your pest problems are dealt with quickly, efficiently and for a very reasonable price.

At Sykes Pest Control, we are dedicated and experienced pest management company, helping homeowners and businesses across West Yorkshire rid their properties of harmful and destructive pests, including bed bugs, fleas, rodents, and wasps. We are delighted to extend our quality, affordable, and effective pest control and pest management solutions to our esteemed clients in Leeds.

Our experience in the pest control and extermination sector spans over two decades, which means we understand the most effective chemicals and pest control methods to use when exterminating specific pests. While doing so, we ensure that we limit ourselves to environmentally-friendly practices that reduce our carbon footprint.

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Expert Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nest treatments and insect control are tasks that require the help of professional pest control operatives. Being stung by a wasp is an immensely painful experience and can lead to a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Seeing a wasps nest in or around  your home can be a terrifying experience for some, and when you have a hive colony growing on your property, it’s understandable to be concerned.

Our local pest control team understand the behaviour of these insects and so by using our wasp nest removal service you can have them removed without putting the property’s occupants in harm’s way. Contact Sykes Pest Control Leeds for experienced pest controllers and effective treatments for wasps nest.

Wasp Removal Leeds
Pest Control Leeds
Rodent & Rat Removal West Yorkshire

Rodent Control & Removal

Imagine sitting in your living room enjoying a movie, and you suddenly see a rat running along the edge of the floor. Rodents can gain entry through external structural faults, gaps beneath external doors or unsecured air vents and so its important to find these entry points and block them.

Having a rat infestation in your commercial business facility can ruin your reputation because clients will view your commercial property as unhygienic. That’s why it’s critical to employ a professional pest control company, such as Sykes Pest Control, to deal with your rodent problems and alleviate the distraction, health risks and further problems that they pose. Contact us today to arrange a property inspection or for more info on our Leeds pest control.

Flea & Bed Bug Removal Leeds

Bed bugs and fleas feed on human blood and cause a wide range of health problems. For instance, bites from these insects can cause an allergy and anaphylaxis in some severe cases. Bites may also cause skin infections, such as ecthyma and impetigo.

With Sykes Pest Control, you will work with an expert pest control company who know which chemicals and what services to use when removing infestations. We will also provide practical advice on how to prevent further problems.

For more info on our Leeds Pest Control – contact us today on 01133 229 078.

Bug Removal Leeds
Flies and Ants Removal

Flies & Ant Removal

Looking for pest control solutions in the Leeds area? Sykes Pest Control can help! We specialize in exterminating garden ants and flies, which are known super-spreaders of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella, dysentery, and smallpox. Infestations of these pests in commercial facilities can put your clients at risk and damage your brand’s reputation.

Don’t let garden ants and flies ruin your business. Contact Sykes Pest Control today for safe and effective pest removal and insect control treatments that are both human and pet-friendly. Our services are available in the Leeds area and are approved by Leeds City Council. Trust us to help you maintain a pest-free environment for an extended period.

Carpet Beetles, Larvae & Moth Removal

Many householders in Leeds, complain about beetle and moth infestations. Carpet beetles defecate on the rug/fabric, which can cause allergic reactions. On the other hand, moths tend to defecate and leave cocoons that contaminate the food people eat.

You can safely put an end to your beetle and moth pest problem by calling Sykes Pest Control today! We offer pest control Leeds 24/7

Carpet Beatle and Moth Removal Leeds
Cockroach Removal Leeds

Cockroach Removal & Prevention

Cockroaches are one of the most dreaded critters you can have around your home or commercial property. They spread allergens that trigger respiratory complications and asthma attacks. Suppose you have a cockroach infestation, partner with us for quality and effective pest control solutions. Our Leeds pest control services use potent chemicals and tools that enable us to reach the dark crevices, air vents and cracks where cockroaches hide, with the pest treatment killing them and their eggs instantly.

Mole, Rabbit & Grey Squirrel Removal

Moles, rabbits, and squirrels are especially dangerous pest problems for agricultural lands. They tend to dig tunnels in the ground, destabilising the ground and killing the plant roots. Sykes Pest Control use chemical fumes inside the tunnels to drive them out. Later, we deploy pest control treatments in the form of net snares and electronic traps, and devices to deter them from coming back.

Squirrel removal leeds

Why Choose Sykes Pest Control?

Affordable Pest Control Services

If you’re looking for affordable Leeds pest control prices and a five star reputation, then look no further than our local Leeds pest control team. We have satisfied customers who will tell the world about how great we are! Contact us now if want an expert team of inspectors handling your property or business today–we’ve got what it takes to make sure things stay clean without breaking any bank accounts in the process. We can get rid of solitary bees, ants, wasps, rodents, and more.

Local Pest Control

You can put your mind at ease when dealing with Sykes Pest Control. Our pest controllers are professional, understanding people who will do everything they possibly can to make sure you’re happy and safe during the process. We have all sorts of tools that the general public doesn’t even know exist; let alone be able use them to and in most cases superior products and methods to those used by Leeds city council.

Customer Reviews

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Our Pest Control FAQ's

This will depend on the type of pest present and the products, treatment and methods used. Your Pest Control Technician will advise you on the timescales of your pest problem.

During the pest control treatment process we would advise you to move your pets outside or to another room whilst the pest treatment takes place.

This will depend on the pest control service needed. If we are carrying out a flea treatment you may need to leave the premises for up to 3 hours. We would also ask that you are not present in the affected rooms while the pest control technician is applying the pest treatment.