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If you have a problem with bees, hornets, wasps or any other pest at your property, Sykes Pest Control can resolve it discreetly in our unmarked vehicles.

Wasps are common throughout the UK

There are 20,000 species of wasps in the world, but in the UK we primarily have two, the German Wasp and the Common Wasp. They are social insects that form colonies inside nests specially constructed in soil, bark, roof spaces and in cavities in trees and walls. Each colony has its own queen, she is larger than the workers and starts a new nest each year. The fertilized queen emerges from her hibernation around mid-April and begins her search for a suitable site to build her nest. Once a site is located she searches for sources of wood fibre, such as trees, logs, fences and even cardboard. With her strong jaws she scrapes off bits of wood fibre, uses the saliva in her mouth to break it down until they form a soft paper pulp and begins to build her nest. The first to be born will be sterile females who will be the workers. The queen rears the first brood of worker wasps herself and once hatched these workers will carry on the building of the nest. They then too gather wood fibres and soften it by chewing and mixing with saliva. The paper is then used to make cells for brood rearing. The queen is the only wasp able to lay eggs and remains in the nest laying more eggs for further broods.  By late summer the wasp nest can contain in excess of 10,000 wasps!

Only the female wasps can sting,
males do not have the egg laying organ that is modified into a stinger

To the naked eye it is almost impossible to distinguish between male and female wasps, therefore caution should be taken with all wasps. Contrary to popular belief, a wasp can sting multiple times over as their stinger is unable to fall off. When a wasp stings, it simultaneously emits a chemical that signals the rest of the colony to attack. If a nest is disturbed wasps can and will attack in large numbers and wasp nest removal can be very dangerous. Wasps are at their most aggressive between August and October. By late summer a wasp’s work is done and they begin to search out sweet foods, often over indulging on ripe fruit which then ferments inside them, leaving the wasp with a hangover and bad attitude!  As winter approaches wasp colonies die off almost completely some of the remaining fertilised female wasps leave the nest to search out a place to hibernate for the winter, these will become next year’s queens and the cycle begins all over again the following spring.

 It is highly recommended that you do not approach a wasp nest and wasp nest removal is provided by a professional pest control company.  Here at Sykes Pest Control our wasp technicians are fully trained in wasp nest removal, have the correct safety equipment and access to insecticides that are not available to the general public.

There are around 250 different species of bees throughout the UK

There are 24 species of bumble bees, around 225 species of solitary bee and just a single species of honey bee. As the name suggests social bees live in groups, honey bees are particularly sociable and can live in colonies of up to 50,000 in a single hive. Solitary bees live alone they nest in burrows under the ground, in old wood and in masonry. It often appears that they may live in colonies, but this is due to many bees making their nests close to each other in a suitable piece of habitat bees can and will sting, using its stinger if they feel that they or their nest is being threatened. Bee stings can be very painful and life threatening to those that are allergic to the venom and it is advised that bee control is only carried out by a professional pest control company.

Bumble Bees are a social insect that live in colonies

Fertile female Bumble Bees hibernate underground or in a sheltered place during the winter months. When spring arrives, the Bumble Bee queens emerge and select suitable nesting sites and lay their eggs. Bumble Bees only make a small colony of around 100 bees and do not make a comb filled with honey Contrary to popular belief queen and worker bees can and will sting if they feel that they or their colony is being threatened.

It is highly recommend that you do not approach a bees’ nest and that bee removal is carried out by a professional pest control company. Here at Sykes Pest Control our bee removal technicians are fully trained, have the correct safety equipment and access to insecticides that are not available to the general public.

Honey Bees

In the majority of bee swarm cases we are able to relocate the swarm.  Bees are in decline due to a number of reasons and whenever they can be saved, we should make every effort to do so.

However, if a swarm have resided within a cavity wall or other difficult location whereby the queen cannot be located and retrieved, unfortunately the only course of action is to destroy the colony.

Every situation is different, talk to one of our professional team as we prefer to try every option to relocate where possible.


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If you need pest control services in Cleckheaton or anywhere in the surrounding 25 mile radius.

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If you need pest control services in Cleckheaton or anywhere in the surrounding 25 mile radius.

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Shadwell Tandoori
Shadwell Tandoori
14:29 22 May 20
Excellent service. Came and sorted my squirrel infestation out promptly. Amazing value compared to other quotes I... received. Highly recommendedread more
George Norris
George Norris
14:29 14 May 20
Rang on the Monday morning and came Tuesday morning. Very knowledgable and could see the problem straight away. Dealt... with our problem straight and even came the following week to follow up. Fast, efficient and very effective. Would highly recommend, thanks again!read more
Ali Kilner
Ali Kilner
12:38 11 May 20
Danny was really quick to respond to my enquiry online and able to attend to our bee problem the next day. On arriving... was quick to get straight on with the job at hand helpfully taking away most of the bees and dealing the last remaining stubborn few who didn’t want to leave. Overall a great professional service and if I had another pest problem I’d not hesitate to call on him again. Thanks Danny.read more
anita pullan
anita pullan
11:40 04 May 20
Sykes Pest Control have done a great job to get rid of the squirrels in our loft.After many nights of not getting much... sleep due to banging noises in our loft,Danny came to rescue. He’s punctual, very professional and gives the right advice on what needs to be done.Not only has he got rid of the squirrels and saved us lots of damage being done to the loft, he has also fixed the hole they were using to get in. His work is great and too of a very high standard. Would definitely recommend him .Thank you so much Danny!read more
Naomi Delashley
Naomi Delashley
17:51 29 Apr 20
Rang up over a week ago as I had rats in my shed and around it danny came out that same day and treated the issue was... so happy with the service and how friendly Danny is... came back to check I wouldn’t come across any dead as I’ve been a frantic mess especially with having kiddies and just generally gone above and beyond! Highly recommend and will use again if I ever need to thank you 🙂read more
20:16 27 Jan 20
Great service by Danny. Very Competitive price and great professionalism throughout.Thank you for your help
Gotyasize Fighting Fit
Gotyasize Fighting Fit
22:08 07 Jan 20
This man is brave 👏🏻👍🏽Fast response, great service all round. Danny came to my house, identified rat... problem and put poison down. Came back a week later to block all the entrances and routes for rats. Very professional and well experienced. Strongly recommend using Danny for any pest issues.read more
amir mushtaq
amir mushtaq
16:12 10 Dec 19
Fantastic guy. Found a rat in my house. Danny came round found where the rat got in placed some rat poison. Haven't... seen the rat since. He came back 14 days later to seal entry point for rat. Lovely guy. Knows what he's talking about and has 26 years experience. Would highly recommend.read more
Keith Naylor
Keith Naylor
08:27 02 Oct 19
Fast effective treatment of wasps nest at very reasonable price. Would highly recommend Sykes Pest Control.Don't... struggle like I did for days trying to do the job yourself. Call Danny at Sykes Pest Control for fast expert treatment and quick peace of mind.read more
Sykes Pest control
Sykes Pest control
15:50 14 Jun 17
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