What are 3 Methods of Pest Control?

3 Methods of Pest Control

Pest infestations or insect infestations are a real problem for many homeowners. They can damage your property, harm your family and even cause illness in some cases. So it’s important to know what you can do about them so they don’t become a nuisance or worse. The term pest control can sound quite intimidating. Luckily there are 3 Methods of pest control: pest extermination, pest removal and pest prevention. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks which we will discuss below. Sykes Pest Control can assist you with our pest control services. We can assist you with garden pests as well as household pests. Get in touch with us today for our pest control measures.

Pest Extermination

If you have pest issues in your home, to do with insects, pest extermination will probably be the option for you. This is because insects tend to create nests in your home and this can be in difficult places like inside the walls or under floorboards. Therefore if you have an existing insect problem, pest extermination is the type of pest control you need. It is one of the chemical pest control methods.

Many companies like ourselves use a variety of different methods when exterminating pests. Our resources include things like, insect traps and insecticide spray. However, in extreme cases, we may need to tent and fumigate your whole house or office. This is done in extreme cases where the problem is an extreme hassle and thousands of bugs live in your home.

This is known as one of the chemical post-control methods and most treatments work quickly and effectively to ensure all insects living in your home are killed off before the problem worsens. Some people may be worried about chemicals in their homes. If you are worried about harmful chemicals, ask your pest control company to use ‘green sprays’ which contain fewer chemicals. It’s worth asking them if this is a service they offer.

Pest Removal

Some pests which can get into your home are not as easily taken care of as insects are. This means insecticide sprays do not work on them. This is where the next pest control method comes in which is pest removal. This method is used for rodents like rats and mice.

When hiring a pest control company for pest removal, they will send out an expert to locate and trap the rodent in its tracks. This is mainly done by placing bait near where the rodent is, in an open area. It may take a while for the rodents to take the bait and therefore, your pest controller may need to come back for more than one visit.

Pest Prevention

The most effective way to control pests is to prevent them from entering your house completely. Older homes tend to be more susceptible to pests, however, any home can get a pest infestation. There are important steps that can be taken to ensure pests are kept out of your home for good. One method to keep the smaller bugs out is bug repellent sprays. These sprays can be bought from pretty much any shop. To keep the large pests out like rats, you should make sure large access points to your home are covered up.


There are 3 methods of pest control: extermination (chemical pest control method), removal, and prevention. Extermination is used for insects, removal is used for rodents, and prevention is the most effective way to control pests. Insecticide sprays are used in extermination, bait is used in removal, and repellent sprays are used in prevention.

There are many types of pest control including chemical pesticides and biological pest control. Prevention is the most effective way to control pests because it stops them from entering your home completely. Contact us today if you require a qualified pest controller in Bradford or nearby surrounding areas.