Wasp Seasons

What Attracts Wasps

In the summertime, wasps can easily become the biggest problem when dealing with the outdoors. Many people don’t know what attracts wasps in the first place and are left to deal with the consequences. Here are a few things that might be attracting wasps to your yard or home. At Sykes Pest Control, we know how to get rid of wasps quickly and effectively.

Safe Place

In the wintertime, the male wasps will die after they have impregnated the queen of their colony. The queen then must find and take shelter in a warm, safe and protected area to survive winter. This may mean that wasps are in or near your house as they see it as a safe refuge. For example, your insulated walls or cracks and crevices help wasps stay away from predators trying to exterminate them.

Food Sources

After being in hibernation all winter long, the queen and the workers must emerge to start preparing for the winter months. After the long winter they have, the wasps are going to be hungry and start looking for food to eat. If they manage to find something in your house or garden they will most likely stay.

Many wasps will hover above the ground in order to prey on the grub and insects in the soil. If you have a lot of grubs in your yard, this may be attracting wasps to your property.

If you have fruit trees or a garden, wasps may be attracted to the sweetness of the fruits and vegetables. Wasps are also drawn to any sugary items like soda cans or open containers of honey.

Left Over Food

Another reason wasps may become attracted to your garden is that you have been eating outside and left food out for a few hours. This may not seem like a lot of time, however, it does not take wasps long before they find food to eat as they are pretty quick flyers. Once they have found food, they will be more likely to return to that same spot.

If you have a garbage can that is not sealed properly, wasps may be attracted to the smell of rotting food. Be sure to keep your garbage cans properly sealed in order to avoid wasps and other pests from being attracted to your home

Sweet Foods

As we mentioned before, wasps are attracted to sweet fruits and vegetables. However, they are also attracted to any type of sweet food. This includes items such as candy, cake, pies, or even syrup. If you are having an outdoor picnic or barbecue, be sure to keep all sweet food items covered so that wasps cannot get to them.

As well as this, ice creams and ice lollies are really popular in the summertime. Wasps are also attracted to these sugary items. If you are eating ice cream outside, be sure to keep it covered so that wasps cannot get to it.

If you have a problem with wasps on your property, contact Sykes Pest Control today. We will be able to help you.