Preparing Your Business For Winter Pests: A Guide For Commercial Properties

The last thing you want entering your business premises at any time are pests, such as rodents, birds and insects.

While most people consider the spring and summer months to be when to be concerned about unwanted pests, winter can be just as bad or worse!

Pests do not like the cold, so where do they head? Unlike some birds, they can’t fly to warmer climates.

So they do the next best thing—for them—and move into your warmer and cosier premises. Like any unwanted guests, they can be difficult and costly to move out. 

Why Keep The Pests Out?

Rats and mice are the worst offenders to gain entry to your property, but squirrels can be just as bad. Looking for food, water and warmth, they are attracted to food industry premises, whether a restaurant, cafe, food storage facility or food processing factory.

Wherever food and water are available, rats, mice, squirrels and insects such as cockroaches will try to enter.  

Why are they dangerous? They are known to be disease carriers that will contaminate any food they can find. Plus, having an infestation of these vermin where there is food can make you close your business to clear them out.

Not something a business wants; not only do these pests eat away at anything they can find, but they can also eat away at your profit! 

Rodents cause damage to fixtures, furniture, stock and electrical wiring, which, of course, is a high fire risk. They will gnaw at wood, concrete, metals, and electrical wiring, causing untold damage. Of course, the other problem is they multiply quickly, creating more damage and problems.

If your premises are hotels, restaurants, or any place the public will be entering, you can guarantee that if they see a rat or mouse, they will not likely return to your business.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

Creating a maintenance schedule that includes checking the property. Not allowing entrance to pests is the first step. Things to consider doing are,

  • Ensure all your external doors fit their frames closely, leaving no gaps.
  • Attach brush strips to doors.
  • Secure any gaps around pipework or cables that breach exterior walls.
  • Put grates on drainage points, gullies, etc, with suitable rodent-resistant materials.
  • Fill in any external holes – remember, a mouse can enter through a space as wide as a pencil.
  • Fill any cracks in floors, ceilings and walls to prevent rodent entrance and avoid insect activity.
  • Ensure food is not left out both inside and outside your premises
  • Make sure your garbage and recycling bins have securely fitted lids.
  • Empty and clean bins regularly.
  • Do not accumulate cardboard or discarded equipment outside your premises.

Call In The Experts

Invite a pest controller to check your premises to ensure you are adequately maintaining your premises to keep out pests. A specialist has experience with how these pests gain entrance and can advise the best course of action for your business premises. In the unfortunate case that they have gained entry, professional pest control can provide eradication options

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