5 Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

At Sykes Pest Control, rodent infestations are one of our most common call outs, so we know a thing or two when it comes to spotting the signs of unwanted visitors in your home.

01 – Rodent Droppings

When rodent droppings age, they dry out, become lighter in colour and crumble easily, but fresh droppings will be dark and moist.

Check the area around the new droppings to see if there is any active or new infestation. Droppings are often found in hidden areas such as under the sink or at the back of a cupboard, but also in areas where rodents nest, such as under trees, under bushes or on the ground. Droppings can also be found in hiding places in the house, such as the attic or under the cushions of a sofa.

02 – Gnaw Marks

As opposed to the droppings, more recent scratch and gnawing marks will be lighter in shading and become darker as they age. These will frequently be found on food bundling or the corners of cupboards and skirting boards. One approach to figure out the age of the mark is to look at a bite mark you know is old and compare it to the most recent. The gnawing marks can also show whether you have rats or mice; bigger bite marks will have been created by the bigger teeth of rats and the smaller marks will be from mice.

03 – Bad Smell

Cats and dogs (or even a pet rodent), may get excited where rodents are present. This is due to the smell of the rodents. This happens when rodents have entered a house, garden or outbuilding. If you notice your pet pawing at an area where it had never really shown any interest before, get a spotlight and inspect the area for rats or mice. You may also recognise a progressing stale smell coming from concealed areas, this is a sign of an active infestation.

04 – Tracks and Runways

If rats or mice are currently active in or around your home, you will likely notice tracks or pathways along the side of your house or shed. These tracks and runways produced by rodents are simple to identify with a spotlight or blacklight held at an angle toward the area. look for signs like footprints, urine stains, smudge marks or droppings.

If you think there is an area that’s being frequented by rodents, try placing a very thin layer of baby powder or flour on the ground where you think they will pass, and look for tracks over the next few days.

05 – Nests

Rodents will utilise materials, for example, paper, fabrics, or dried leaves and twigs to make their homes. If you have found a nest and then also found new droppings, gnawing marks, bad smell, or tracks, you are almost certainly dealing with a rodent infestation.

Signs of Rodents in Your Garden/Yard
Rodents are attracted to rubbish, food waste, and so on, for both food and for making nests. If these things are available close to your home, closely inspect them for indications of rodents. If there is no sign of rodents, then it is very likely they are not coming into your home. However, in the event that you do have such waste present, disposing of if can reduce the risk of rats/mice coming into your home in the future.


If you have seen the signs of rodents in your home or garden, call the experts at Sykes Pest Control. Our rat removal services are quick, humane & affordable. Don’t delay, contact us today for a free quote.