5 Reasons Rats are the Most Dangerous Pest

Many of us know that rats are not to be messed with. They may be small, but they’re also incredibly dangerous. At Sykes Pest Control, we know how dangerous rats can really be in a household. Here are six reasons why rats are the most dangerous pest.

They are incredibly Smart

There’s a reason why rats are one of the most common pests found in homes and offices. The reason for this is their specialized brain cells which are known as place cells or place neurons. These special cells give rats a supernatural ability to remember exact locations and points they have seen before. This allows them to not only navigate around your home but also find alternative routes as it correctly remembers entry and exits points.

Rats basically do scouting and recon around your house and create a certain map in their heads. This allows them to find perfect routes to food sources as well as the entry points around your home.

This is why you should be particularly careful when proofing your home against rats. Even if you fill a gap in the wall or secure doors and gaps, given enough time, a determined rat can enter either below or above.

Rats are Very Agile

Rats are incredibly agile creatures. They can climb vertical walls with ease and even squeeze through the smallest of cracks and holes. Due to their agility, rats can enter your home via the roof or gutters and quickly make their way down into the wall voids or ceiling cavities.

As well as this, rats may also use overhead cables to gain access to other areas. This is why it’s important to cut back trees and bushes away from the property as they provide perfect access routes for rats.

Rats Can Be Strong

Rats are tenacious (and determined) enough to pry open doors, even if you do. A determined rat can easily gain access to cabinets, cupboards, lids on containers, and even your refrigerator door. 

Rats have been observed to lift objects just a bit above their body weight, making it possible for bigger, more developed rats to easily carry around a one-pound bag of food.

Rats’ hind legs are also springy, allowing them to leap up to two feet in the air or jump across four feet diagonally. This is a useful talent to have when trying to access hard-to-reach spots.

Ability to Squeeze Through Really Small Openings

Rats have a unique ability that allows them to squeeze into just about anything their head can fit in. This could be an opening, gap, hole or crevice. They compress their larger bodies to be able to wiggle their way through.

They can do this as their ribcages can somehow collapse when they need to fit into a small space. The individual ribs that are connected to the spine are hinged meaning they can contract. This then allows the rodent to squeeze through the smallest of openings and then they can expand again when inside.

They Communicate With Each Other

It’s difficult to spot a group of rats, according to pest control professionals; you’re most likely to find one at a time. Why is it like that? Because when there’s danger, rats can send other rats fleeing in order for them to hide in safety.

Rats communicate with one another using an ultrasonic secret language, and they routinely inform other rats that are nearby. They can convey fear, pleasure, or distress to other nearby rats through a series of squeaks and chitters that may not be detected by human ears.

Consider their means of communicating as a type of language, as rats constantly broadcast information about which areas are safe, where there is food, or if they detect danger, and so on.


As you can see, rats are very clever creatures and can easily find their way into your home. They use their specialized brain cells to navigate around your house and remember entry and exit points. As well as this, they are incredibly agile and strong creatures that can pry open doors and lift objects heavier than themselves. Lastly, they communicate with each other using ultrasonic secret language in order to warn others of danger or share information on food sources.

All of these factors make rats difficult to control and get rid of, which is why it’s important to call a professional if you think you have a rat problem. Contact us today for more information on our pest control Bradford services.